By Mr S. - Southampton on 25/11/2016

“The Guttervac gutter clean service that we booked with Drain Doctor Southampton was superb. No mess, no scaffolding and very fast.”

Mr S. – Southampton

During the autumn months the Drain Doctor Southampton office experiences a significant rise in the number of calls relating to blocked gutters and gullies at properties.

With leaf-fall at its peak and blustery weather causing dense accumulations of leaves, our technicians attend more properties to carry out Guttervac gutter cleaning services than at any other time of the year.

A Drain Doctor Southampton technician recently attended the Southampton property of Mr S., who was concerned that his gutters were blocked and wanted to ensure they were in full working order to protect his home from potential water damage over the autumn and winter.

Guttervac is a specialist vacuum with a telescopic arm that can reach heights of up to 12m.

Equipped with a CCTV camera, the Guttervac enables Drain Doctor Southampton to carry out thorough gutter cleaning without the need for ladders, scaffolding or raised platforms.

Images relayed to the technician during the clean enable a simultaneous inspection of the state of the gutters so that property owners can get immediate reassurance that their gutters are clear, or be made aware of maintenance issues.

Mr S. was very pleased to be shown that his gutters were free from leaves and other debris and to hear that the guttering was in sound condition. We were pleased to have another satisfied customer!

Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage would be delighted to provide a quote to carry out a Guttervac gutter clean at your property. Call our office now on 023 8212 3988. The Doctor will see you now!