By Mr. R. - Salisbury on 26/07/2016

“Gutter cleaning was so quick and easy with the Guttervac last year. We have just booked a return visit from Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth in October to keep the guttering clean at our home”.

Mr. R. – Salisbury

With a number of large trees in close proximity to his house, Mr. R. was struggling to keep the guttering free from fallen leaves and other debris, especially in the autumn. He called the Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth office last year after talking to a neighbour, who recommended us and our Guttervac gutter cleaning system.

Using a telescopic boom that can reach heights of up to 12 metres and which is equipped with a CCTV camera, Guttervac enables us to carry out a comprehensive inspection of gutters on most 2-3 storey properties from the safety of the ground.

The inbuilt CCTV camera relays images from the gutters and downspouts enabling our technician to check whether there are blockages or if there is any damage within the guttering.

A powerful vacuum clears and collects all debris that is removed from the gutters quickly and efficiently, leaving no mess behind. Once the gutters have been cleared a final inspection is carried out to ensure that there is no residual damage.

Allan Rook, Manager at Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth said, “Our technician was able to show the customer the CCTV images as he cleaned the gutters at his house, which gave Mr. R. reassurance about the quality of the job and the condition of his guttering.”

“We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive drainage and emergency plumbing service to customers old and new.” continued Allan, “Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth recommends that customers book a gutter clean visit each year to ensure that their guttering continues to work properly and protect buildings from costly water damage.”.