By Mr. A. - Bishops Waltham on 31/10/2016

“We’re very grateful to the Drain Doctor technician that repaired our burst pipe. Thank you for acting so quickly to fix our plumbing emergency!”

Mr. A. – Bishops Waltham

Any kind of plumbing emergency can be very stressful for homeowners.

At Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage we make it our business to take away that stress by being part of the UK’s most reliable emergency plumbing service, there for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

When the Drain Doctor Southampton office received a call about a burst pipe from Mr. A. of Bishops Waltham, our staff were on hand to give clear advice about turning off the water supply at the mains stopcock, whilst a technician was dispatched to the address as quickly as possible.

Mr. A. had been carrying out some alterations at his property and had inadvertently hammered a nail through a heating pipe.

On arrival at the property, the Drain Doctor Southampton technician assessed the problem and priced the necessary work from our national pricing menu.

Because we don’t add on call-out charges or charge for calls made out of hours, pricing is straight forward. The customer can see what the work will cost before it happens.

With the quote accepted, the Drain Doctor Southampton technician bled the heating system and removed a section of plasterboard to reveal the damaged copper pipe.

Once the heating system had been emptied the damaged pipe was cut away and replaced. The new joints were carefully sealed and the heating system refilled.

A thorough inspection of the surrounding pipes was carried out to check that they were in good condition and to ensure that the new joints were watertight.

For a swift response to your emergency plumbing and drainage problems call Drain Doctor Southampton on 023 8212 3988.