By Mr & Mrs M - Petersfield on 27/04/2016

“It was so worrying to see water flowing back up from the toilet when the washing machine and sink emptied, but thanks to Drain Doctor Southampton the drain is now clear and working properly. Thank you for such a prompt and helpful emergency plumbing service”.

Mr. & Mrs. M. - Petersfield

With their carpets taken outside to dry and the toilets, sinks and washing machine effectively out of order it was imperative to Mr. & Mrs. M. that their emergency plumbing call was answered as quickly as possible.

Drain Doctor Southampton prides itself on reaching customers within the hour wherever possible, and reached the house of Mr. & Mrs. M. less than 45 minutes after receiving their call.

The customer reported water flooding out of the downstairs toilet when the washing machine emptied its rinse cycle and when their sink emptied.

The Drain Doctor Southampton technician couldn’t find a blockage in the house itself but identified a problem further down the drain run, just before the property’s boundary. Using high-pressure water jets in two manhole covers at the property the blockage was successfully cleared.

The house’s occupants admitted that they had been flushing baby wipes and other inappropriate items down the toilets which caused the blockage.

Allan Rook, Manager of Drain Doctor Southampton said that a significant number of the call-outs attended by his team were linked to the incorrect disposal of bulky sanitary items, and urged people to bag and bin waste items rather than flush them down toilets.