By Mr B - Chichester on 23/01/2017

“The ‘no-dig’ drain repair carried out by Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage saved us a lot of money and was completed very quickly.”

Mr B – Chichester

Following a recent CCTV survey appointment to investigate the problem behind a blocked drain at a property in Chichester, the Drain Doctor Southampton office was contacted to arrange the repair of a cracked drain.

Damage caused by tree root ingress had been found which needed treating before the condition of the pipe deteriorated further.

Because the cracked pipe was of pitch fibre construction and the damage was not too extensive, the repair could be carried out using a cured-in-place drain liner.

Impregnated with a resin that bonds when wet, a liner was winched through the damaged section of pipe and then moulded to the shape of the pipe using water or air.

Once in place, the resin hardened to form a watertight seal and the drain was repaired.
Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage service technicians are highly trained in a comprehensive range of drain repair techniques.

Traditional drain repairs would always involve time-consuming, costly and messy excavation and replacement of defective clay pipes, however, more cost effective and less disruptive methods have developed with the advent of resin-impregnated linings.

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