By Mr. K. - Locks Heath on 12/09/2016

“We are very grateful for the staff at Drain Doctor Southampton for repairing the drain outside our house. To know that we won’t flood next time there’s a storm is so reassuring.”

Mr. K. – Homeowner - Locks Heath

There are a number of different indicators that suggest a drain system is not working properly. Depending on the cause of the problem, one may notice symptoms such as gurgling pipes, slow to clear sinks and unpleasant smells around drain covers or within a property.

Another symptom is the unfortunate occurrence of flooding during heavy storms. Mr. K. of Locks Heath called Drain Doctor Southampton after his property flooded for the third time during a prolonged spell of wet weather in the area.

Drain Doctor Southampton technicians arrived at the property to assess the situation. Push-rod CCTV cameras were used to investigate the drainage system and soon revealed a blockage of fats and debris that had built up.

A section of pipe had moved, lifted slightly and cracked due to localised ground disturbance so that water could not flow directly away. This caused debris in the water to settle and build up around the obstruction so the drain couldn’t carry increased volumes of water and led to repeated flooding.

It was necessary to excavate the site around the damaged pipework and re-lay the pipes correctly. One section of pipe was replaced due to the level of damage revealed and all joints were sealed before the system was checked.

All Drain Doctor Southampton vans are fully equipped to deal with all manner of drain repairs. Our technicians are fully qualified and highly experienced and will always work to repair drains in the most appropriate manner using both the latest technology and more traditional methods.

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