By Mr. S. - Romsey on 01/07/2016

“Whenever we have had to call Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth we have always received the most friendly and professional service. Our recent drain repair was no problem for Allan’s team who quickly found and repaired the cracked pipe.”

Mr. S - Romsey

A great deal of our business comes from repeat customers or from word of mouth recommendations. Our office was recently contacted by Mr. S., a homeowner in Romsey who couldn’t get rid of foul smells coming from his drains despite repeated use of off-the-shelf drain unblocking products.

Having used our services in the past for other plumbing issues, Mr. S. decided that he needed professional help to solve the problem, and called our office to book an appointment.

Upon arrival, the Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth technician used remote push-rod CCTV cameras to survey the drains and established that there was a section of pipe with hairline cracks that were allowing foul smells from waste water to escape.

In order to carry out a successful repair job, the drain run was descaled and thoroughly cleaned using high-pressure water jets. Next, a cured-in-place-pipe was inserted into the drain and installed within the broken section of pipe.

Cured-in-place-pipes are a joint-less, seamless method of repairing broken pipes without the need to excavate and replace sections of pipe. They harden to form a watertight seal within the original pipe and offer a lower cost, less disruptive solution to many drain repairs.

At Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth, our staff are trained to select the most appropriate method of repairing broken and blocked drains and will always discuss options with customers before beginning work to ensure that costs are clearly set out.

For all your drain repair and plumbing needs call us now on 023 8212 3988. It’s a great day at Drain Doctor.