By Mr. & Mrs. E. - Portsmouth on 14/10/2016

“The Home Buyers’ CCTV drainage survey reassured us about the condition of the drains at our new house. Thank you, Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage.”

Mr. & Mrs. E. – Portsmouth

Many of our customers contact the Drain Doctor Southampton office to thank us for the peace of mind that they receive as a result of our CCTV drainage surveys.

This was the case with Mr. & Mrs. E. of Portsmouth, who had booked a Home Buyers’ CCTV drainage survey with us when buying a new family home.

Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage technicians use a wide range of CCTV cameras to carry out drainage surveys.

The most commonly used for Home Buyers’ surveys is push-rod technology, which is ideal for basic ‘look-see’ drain investigations in the smaller gauge pipes found in domestic drain systems.

A Drain Doctor Home Buyers’ CCTV Drain Survey produces as 8-9 page report. If the survey reveals a problem with the drainage system, the report will be invaluable in helping you to negotiate the price of the house you are buying.

Of course, we hope that the drains at your new home are in good condition, and many of our reports simply give that reassurance to customers. However, if there is a cause for concern we will alert you to the issue and give you the information you need to liaise with the vendor to deal with it.

For all your CCTV drainage survey needs make Drain Doctor Southampton your first point of call. The Doctor will see you now!