By Mr & Mrs S - Fareham on 30/03/2016

“We were very pleased with the service provided by Drain Doctor Southampton when they carried out a CCTV Homebuyers Drain Survey for us last week. The staff were thorough and provided a very detailed report about the state of the drains at the house we are buying”

Mr. & Mrs. S - Fareham

We were contacted by Mr. & Mrs. S regarding a property that was for sale in Fareham and were delighted to carry out a CCTV Homebuyers Drain Survey on their behalf.

Our technician used a CCTV camera to inspect the drain system and provided a detailed report about its condition. This report provided reassurance to the customer that the drains were working properly, and the confidence to proceed with the house purchase.

Allan Rook, Manager at Drain Doctor Southampton said “CCTV Homebuyers Drain Surveys are increasingly being sought by customers as standard practice during the home-buying process. These surveys make up a significant proportion of our business here at Drain Doctor Southampton.”

Allan also added that if left unchecked, the cost of sorting out damaged drainage once a house purchase is complete can potentially be high, which is a situation best avoided. If drainage problems are identified before a sale is complete there is usually room to negotiate meeting the cost of repair with the vendor.

If a Drain Doctor CCTV Homebuyers Drain Survey reveals an efficient drainage system then a buyer can feel confident to proceed with the purchase, knowing they are unlikely to face unexpected costs associated with drain repairs in the future.