By Mr P. on 13/03/2017

“We’d like to thank the Drain Doctor Southampton technician that unblocked my father’s toilet today. He arrived really quickly and worked hard to fix the problem.”

Mr P. - Chichester area

When a call is received by the Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage office to say that a customer has a blocked toilet, we make it our priority to get to them as quickly as possible.

Mr P., a resident in the Chichester area, called us to say that his elderly father’s downstairs toilet had blocked. Getting upstairs was difficult therefore we arranged our job list to make this visit a priority.

Arriving at the property within an hour of receiving the call, the Drain Doctor Southampton technician found that the water level in the bowl was dangerously close to overflowing, which suggested that the blockage was close to the toilet itself.

Using a toilet auger to try to clear the blockage proved only a moderate success.

Instead, the Drain Doctor Southampton technician used a high-pressure water jet to attack the blockage from a drain access point further down the drain run.

This method soon cleared the blockage and the water level in the bowl returned to normal.

A CCTV camera was pushed through the drain to ensure that the blockage had been fully removed and to check for any internal damage.

Happily, there was no obvious cause for the toilet blockage to have built up and the resident was advised about items to avoid flushing away.

Before leaving the Chichester property the Drain Doctor Southampton technician tested the system which was found to be in good working order.

At Drain Doctor Southampton we strive to achieve great customer satisfaction levels and train all our staff to be courteous and efficient at all times.

We always put the customer’s needs first and are dedicated to providing the best drainage and emergency plumbing service in the Southampton area.

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