By Mrs G. - Portsmouth on 01/12/2016

“The Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage staff were efficient and polite. They worked quickly to unblock our drain.”

Mrs G. – Portsmouth

The discovery of a blocked drain can be very unpleasant and the signs that a drain is about to become blocked can often be hidden. This was the case for Mrs G., a Portsmouth resident who contacted our office recently.

Having spent the day at home catching up with the family’s laundry, Mrs G., who had also been running the dishwasher and cleaned the bathrooms, suddenly noticed that the driveway was flooding.

Amongst the floodwater were pieces of toilet paper and human waste. Mrs G. immediately called the Drain Doctor Southampton office, who sent a technician out to unblock the drain as a matter of urgency.

Once on site the Drain Doctor Southampton technician began to unblock the obstruction using high-pressure water jets.

Whilst there wasn’t a total blockage to the drains, the old clay pipes were becoming blocked and couldn’t cope with the volume of water that was being sent through them when multiple appliances were running at the same time.

Thankfully the flooding quickly subsided and the whole area was washed down thoroughly to ensure that there was no contamination.

A CCTV drainage inspection showed that the pipes themselves were in poor condition and that sections would benefit from being relined.

The Drain Doctor Southampton technician recorded details of the pipes and left the property to return to our office, where a quote for the drain repair works was drawn up.

In total the Drain Doctor Southampton technician was on site for less than one hour. Most drain blockages can be cleared quickly using high-pressure water jets.

At Drain Doctor Southampton we are always clear about the price of a job before work starts and never add extra costs or charge for the initial call-out. Our prices come from a national price list so you can be sure that the price you see is the price you pay.

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