By Mrs. D. - Bognor Regis on 05/07/2016

“I am so glad that Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth had been recommended to us. Their service was unbeatable, from the office staff to the technician that unblocked our drain. Thank you.”

Mrs. D. – Bognor Regis

The Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth  office recently took a call from Mrs. D., a new customer from the Bognor Regis area who had come home from work to discover a significant amount of standing water outside her property.

We sent a technician out to the property as soon as we were able, keeping in touch with the customer so she knew how long she would have to wait.

Within an hour of making the call, our technician had arrived at the property and set to work to diagnose the problem. Having set programmes on the washing machine and dishwasher Mrs. D. had left for work. Both appliances drained into the same outside foul water drain.

From an inspection cover further down the drain run a CCTV camera was sent through the pipes and soon discovered a blockage that had been caused by a build-up of cooking fats, food scraps and other debris that had been washed down the kitchen and utility sinks.

The volume of water from two appliances at the same time was too much for the drain to cope with as its capacity was restricted by the blockage, so the water flooded up out of the nearest drain cover.

High-pressure water jets were used to break down the blockage and clear it from the drain and the pipes were checked for cracks or other damage, again using CCTV. In this case, the drain run itself was sound, therefore no further action was required.

Blocked drains are easily avoided in most situations if cooking waste and general household waste is disposed of correctly.

Symptoms of blocked drains include slow to empty sinks and smelly, gurgling drains. If you notice any of these symptoms we would recommend that you call the Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth office on 023 8212 3988 so that we can check the state of your drains and act before they become severely blocked or even become damaged.

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