By Ms. G. on 08/06/2016

“Your staff made light work of the blocked drain at our house, clearing the blockage in no time at all. Thank you to the whole team for such a friendly and efficient service.”

Ms. G. – Southampton

A common cause of blocked drains at domestic properties is the build-up of food waste and cooking fats that have been washed down kitchen sinks. This was the case at the house of Ms. G. of Southampton, who called the Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth office when her kitchen sink became blocked.

At Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth we aim to respond to all call-outs as quickly as possible, and duly dispatched a member of our team to the property in the Woolston area of the city.

For a while, our customer had noticed that the kitchen sink was slow to empty, and had used an off-the-shelf drain unblocking product a number of times to no avail. She finally decided to call our office when the sink failed to empty at all.

Our technician located the nearest drain cover in the run at the rear of the property and began work to clear the blockage using high-pressure water jets to break the blockage down and wash it away. A push-rod CCTV camera was then sent through the cleared drain to check for damage.

CCTV images revealed that there was a crack in the pipe and evidence of roots growing into the pipe, which would have contributed to the blockage. A cured-in-place drain liner was inserted into the pipe to seal the cracks and prevent further damage or obstruction.

Before leaving the property the customer was given advice about the correct disposal of food waste, for example, food scraps from plates and cooking utensils should always be scraped into a kitchen bin before being washed. Any cooking fats should be poured into a small, disposable, lidded container and put into the household waste bin.

If you have had a problem with slow emptying sinks or smelly, gurgling drains, there’s a high chance that your drains need unblocking. Call Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth now on 023 8212 3988 for Southampton’s favourite emergency plumbing and drainage service.