By Mr P. - Southampton on 18/04/2016

“Your technician epitomised what good service is all about. He arrived quickly and after hearing about the problems we’d had with other companies, assured me that he wouldn’t leave until he had resolved the problem. He was as good as his word and in just over an hour had cleared the blocked drain and tidied up after himself. I can’t thank him enough.”

Mr. P. - Southampton area

When our Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth technician arrived at Mr. P’s property earlier this month it was clear that there was a blockage somewhere within the drains serving the kitchen waste pipes. The customer had been experiencing foul smells and a back-flow of water into the dishwasher causing it to flood the kitchen.

Two other firms had attended the property and were unable to clear the blockage, leaving our customer with a smelly kitchen and a very inconvenient problem.

After some investigative work using a push-rod CCTV camera, our technician identified the location of the blockage and set to work using high-pressure water jets beyond the blockage to break it down and clear it.

We found a build up of cooking fats and food debris that had built up over time and advised the customer about the correct disposal of such items using household waste bins rather than the drains.

Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth technicians are highly trained in all aspects of treating drainage and emergency plumbing problems. It is our commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction that sets us out above our competitors.