By Mr S. - Southampton area on 20/12/2016

“The Guttervac gutter clean was really efficient. It made light work of emptying the debris from the guttering around our building. Thank you.”

Mr S. – Business owner – Southampton

The Drain Doctor Southampton office recently received a call from a commercial customer who needed to clean out the guttering at his industrial property in the outskirts of Southampton.

Mr S. admitted that the job was usually undertaken by a team of his employees using ladders and buckets but having seen Guttervac being used at a neighbouring building, he decided to try it out. 

Allan Rook, Manager of Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage said “Guttervac is a powerful wet and dry vacuum system that uses telescopic carbon fibre poles to reach heights or distances of up to 12 metres, equivalent to most 3-4 storey buildings.

“Guttervac can be used to reach over garages and outbuildings. Its reach removes the need for ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers, which means that the job can be carried out very efficiently.

The added bonus is that the vacuum collects what it sucks up so there is no mess left behind” Mr Rook continued.

Because Guttervac has an integrated CCTV camera, the operator can see debris in the guttering and clear it from the safety of ground level. Customers can be shown the CCTV images too, which gives them the reassurance that the blockage has been cleared.

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