By Ms. C. - Portsmouth on 16/08/2016

“Since our gutters were cleaned and repaired by Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage we have noticed a big improvement in how well they work."

Ms. C. – Property Manager – Portsmouth

The Drain Doctor Southampton office received a call from the property manager of a business centre in Portsmouth because the guttering around their building had begun to sag. Whenever it rained the guttering would also overflow, unable to cope with the water it was collecting.

An appointment was made for a Drain Doctor Southampton technician to clean the gutters and repair any damaged sections as necessary.

Using Guttervac to clear out the blockage and inspect the guttering via CCTV from the safety of the ground, our technician identified that one section of guttering would need replacing along with a number of brackets which had pulled away from the wall and cracked.

All Drain Doctor Southampton vans are kept fully equipped to deal with the majority of jobs on the first visit. However, in order to get an exact match to the existing guttering, the technician left the site having cleaned the gutters to collect the correct product from our stores.

The technician soon returned to the property and replaced the damaged sections of guttering. He sealed and checked all joints before completing the job.

For guttering to protect the building that it serves it is essential that it is well maintained. Blocked gutters can cause significant damage to paintwork, woodwork, walls, soffits and fascias. If left untreated, water from blocked gutters can also damage foundations.

Good property management should include the maintenance of gutters and gullies. At Drain Doctor Southampton we are happy to provide planned maintenance visits to commercial properties.

Why not call our office on 023 8212 3988 to book your next gutter cleaning and plumbing maintenance appointment?