By Mr F. on 12/04/2016

“Within half an hour of us calling Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth a technician had arrived on site and located the blockage in the guttering of our office block. We would like to thank the whole team for the first class service that we received from start to finish.”

Mr. F - Business owner

We received a call from a business situated on a science park in the Southampton area that reported a problem with their guttering. The business owner had noticed dampness beginning to appear on the building following a lot of wet weather and realised that something was wrong.

Our technician quickly identified a blockage in a downspout to the rear of the building, at the site of the damp wall and was able to clear it using Drain Doctor’s Guttervac system.

The Drain Doctor Guttervac can be used to clear guttering up to a height of 12 metres from the ground without the need for ladders, scaffolding or powered lift. The system uses a mounted CCTV camera to locate the blockage and a powerful vacuum to clear it. We then use the CCTV camera again to check that the gutters are all clear before we leave.

On this call-out, the blockage was found to be caused by a buildup of leaves and debris from nearby trees, which meant that rainwater could not flow away through the guttering and was running down the outside of the building.

Water can cause serious damage to buildings if it is left undetected and untreated. Drain Doctor Southampton and Portsmouth recommends regular checking of gutters to prevent future problems occurring, and offers half yearly planned maintenance visits to commercial clients.