By Mr. D. - General Manager on 30/09/2016

“Your staff were quick to arrive and worked non-stop until they had cleared the blockage and replaced the grease trap in our kitchens. Thank you, Drain Doctor Southampton.”

Mr. D. – General Manager – Romsey

Fats, oil and grease (collectively known as FOG) are widely recognised as the scourge of the nation’s waste water network.

The incorrect disposal of FOG in commercial and domestic waste pipes builds up in a solid mass that blocks drains and causes expensive headaches for businesses and homes alike.

This was the problem faced by a hotel in the Romsey area that contacted the Drain Doctor Southampton office needing an emergency plumber.

Drains outside the kitchens had become blocked and foul-smelling water was flooding the service area. The business had to close its kitchens and turn customers away until the problem was fixed.

Despite being busy the Drain Doctor Southampton office was able to send out a highly-trained technician within 60 minutes of receiving the call. Back-up assistance was also sent as soon as it was available.

The root of the problem was found to be a broken grease trap system which had caused FOG to collect in the unit and in the pipes beyond.

The Drain Doctor Southampton technicians managed to break down the blockage in the pipes using high-pressure water jets and cutting tools. The grease trap was removed and the surrounding pipes were also cleaned before a new unit was installed.

As with all Drain Doctor Southampton emergency plumbing call-outs, the drains and new grease trap were checked thoroughly to be sure that the problem was fixed before our technicians left and the kitchens were re-opened.

Acutely aware of the impact that plumbing emergencies can have on a business, it is the policy at Drain Doctor Southampton to ensure that our work causes minimal disruption.

We will work at hours to suit your business wherever possible and will work quickly to restore the plumbing or drainage system to full working order.

All Drain Doctor Southampton drain clearances are guaranteed for a minimum of 30 days to give our customers peace of mind and reassurance that their drainage system is in good hands.

We also offer a range of preventative maintenance plans to commercial customers, which can help to ensure that emergency plumbing call-outs are a thing of the past.

Call Drain Doctor Southampton now on 023 8212 3988 to see how your business could benefit from our unbeatable service.