By Mrs. Y. - Portsmouth on 07/11/2016

“Thank you for providing such a professional service which put our business needs first. With no extra charge for working out of normal office hours, our business was unaffected by the drain repair work.”

Mrs Y. – Surgery Manager, Portsmouth area

Having previously visited a dental practice in the Portsmouth area that was suffering from the effects of a blocked drain, a Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage technician returned to carry out a drain repair appointment later the same day.

CCTV camera images had been unable to identify the nature of the blockage which proved impossible to remove with high-pressure water jets.

It was necessary to excavate and replace a short section of pipe that was affected by the blockage. The area was cordoned off and the blocked section of pipe was removed.

On closer inspection, we discovered that the blockage was caused by the gradual build-up of tooth repair cement that had been washed down the sinks of the treatment rooms. This had solidified and built up to form a solid mass that eventually caused the pipes to block.

A new section of pipe was inserted into the drain run and carefully sealed to ensure that the new joints did not leak. The system was tested and checked using CCTV. Then the site was backfilled and the surface reinstated.

Because the drain repair took place out of the surgery’s opening hours, the practice was able to re-open the following morning and the business could continue to operate as normal.

The Drain Doctor Southampton technician advised our customer about more suitable methods of disposal for their waste products and also gave them some information about a range of preventative maintenance plans that we provide to commercial customers.

Tailored to suit the needs of each business, a [company] preventative maintenance plan can help you avoid major plumbing and drainage problems and allows customers to spread the cost of treatment.

For further information about our drain repair prices or our maintenance plans, please call Drain Doctor Southampton on 023 8212 3988.