By Mr. M. - Janitor on 25/10/2016

“The drain repair work carried out by Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage didn’t affect the operation of our school at all. Thank you.”

Mr. M. – Janitor – Academy school, Southampton area

Following a recent treatment to unblock the drains at a local Academy school the Drain Doctor Southampton team was delighted to be booked to return and repair some damaged pipework.

A CCTV inspection had revealed some small cracks in the pipe, which was of clay construction and which had suffered due to root ingress or movement in the ground.

The drain repair appointment had been arranged for 2pm when the kitchens had closed for the day. This meant that there would be no disruption to the school’s daily operation.

Due to the age of the drains, our technicians had recommended that the damaged section be excavated and replaced and work began to carry out the repair.

Drain Doctor Southampton technicians excavated a trench around the cracked clay pipe and replaced it with a new pitch fibre section of pipe. All joints were sealed and the system was tested to ensure the repair was watertight.

CCTV cameras were pushed through the drain system to check that the internal structure of the drain run was in good order following the repair, then the trench was backfilled and the ground reinstated.

Every drain repair job carried out by Drain Doctor Southampton is done so using the most appropriate methods available. Our technicians are highly trained and have a broad range of drainage and plumbing experience.

Drain repairs carried out by Drain Doctor Southampton are covered by a unique 30-day guarantee to give customers peace of mind. We achieve unrivaled levels of customer service at unbeatable prices.

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