By Mr. B. - Landlord on 15/06/2016

“Thank you for providing such a professional service. We were very pleased with the comprehensive report that we received on the condition of the drains at the property we were considering buying.”

Mr. B., Private landlord – Chichester

The Drain Doctor Southampton service centre was recently contacted by a customer who was interested in buying a property in Chicester and needed us to carry out a detailed Home Buyers’ Drainage survey.

Our Home Buyers’ Drainage survey is frequently requested by potential buyers to ensure that there are no hidden surprises about the condition of the drain system at a property before it is bought.

We were pleased to inform Mr. B. that there were no issues with the drains at the property he was looking to buy, which, along with statutory searches gave him the confidence to proceed with the purchase.

Our technicians have a range of CCTV cameras at their disposal and will select the most appropriate camera to use depending on the nature of the survey required – from push rod and hand-held cameras to remote control crawler cameras. Each device has a high specification and will provide high-resolution images.

A typical CCTV Home Buyers’ Drainage survey will highlight any current or potential issues in an 8-9page condition report that can be used by buyers to negotiate a purchase price for a property. Such reports offer excellent value for money and give our clients peace of mind.

For all your CCTV drainage survey needs call Drain Doctor Southampton on 023 8212 3988. It’s a great day at Drain Doctor!