By Mr & Mrs T. on 10/06/2016

“First class service. From taking our call to clearing the blockage in our toilet block, your team was so courteous, keeping in constant touch with us until the job was finished. Thank you.”

Mr. & Mrs. T. – Business owners – Portsmouth area

We received a call from customers in the Portsmouth area to say that they had a problem with some toilets in one of their toilet blocks. Whilst there were other facilities available on the fully-booked site, their customers were becoming agitated about the situation.

Experience has taught the Drain Doctor Southampton team the importance of regular communication with our clients. This is particularly the case for commercial clients who, like Mr. & Mrs. T., are often faced with managing customers of their own during the inconvenience of an emergency plumbing or drainage problem.

On arrival at the site our technician located the blockage using CCTV cameras. He then used high-pressure water jets to break down the blockage, gaining access at further down the drain run where the excess water could drain away and not add to the problems in the toilet block.

It soon became clear that the blocked toilets had been caused by the incorrect disposal of bulky items such as nappies and sanitary items that do not easily dissolve. Once these items were removed from the drains the toilet block was cleaned and re-opened.

Items such as nappies, baby wipes, hair, cotton pads and sanitary items should always be disposed of correctly in bins provided. If they are flushed down toilets they quickly build up and block pipes.

Modern toilets are designed to use less water and are even more susceptible to blockages. With this in mind Drain Doctor Southampton technicians will always do their best to inform customers of ways to avoid blockages re-occurring.

If you have a blocked toilet or other emergency plumbing problem, call your local Drain Doctor Southampton service centre now on 023 8212 3988.