By Mrs. Y. - Portsmouth on 02/11/2016

“First class service from Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage. The technician was thorough and very professional.”

Mrs Y. – Surgery Manager, Portsmouth area

The problem of a blocked drain or other plumbing emergency is inconvenient to all those who experience it. However, when the blocked drain is at a commercial premises there is the added complication that productivity and profits can also be affected.

The Drain Doctor Southampton office received a call from a Dental practice in the Portsmouth area that reported problems with the drainage from all the sinks in the building. Appointments had to be cancelled that afternoon due to the health and safety risk.

We sent a technician to the property to diagnose the problem as soon as one became available. Arriving on site later the same afternoon, the Drain Doctor Southampton technician carried out a CCTV survey.

The survey revealed that a solid mass had built up within the pipes which was severely restricting the flow of waste water.

Jetting the drains with high-pressure water jets made little difference to the problem, and unable to identify the cause of the blockage using CCTV, a return appointment was made to excavate and repair the drain.

At the request of the Surgery manager, who was keen to minimise disruption to the business, the drain repair appointment was made for later the same day, when work could be carried out whilst the business was closed.

Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage offer a 24 hour a day service 365 days a year. We will be pleased to accommodate your businesses requirements wherever possible and guarantee to provide our services without call-out charges or hidden costs.

For more information about blocked drain services available from Drain Doctor Southampton contact our office on 023 8212 3988.