By Mr. M. - Janitor on 04/10/2016

“Whenever we use Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage we are guaranteed an excellent service. Thank you.”

Mr. M. – Janitor – Academy school, Southampton area

The Drain Doctor Southampton office recently received a call from an Academy school on the outskirts of Southampton. The Janitor on site had been unable to unblock a drain near the school kitchens and required our assistance.

Upon arrival the Drain Doctor Southampton technician began work jetting the pipes from beyond the blockage.

This was done to ensure that excess water didn’t build up and cause a flood inside the kitchen area. Using high-pressure water sprayed at 3,000 psi, the system was soon cleared.

The blockage was found to have been caused by the incorrect disposal of cooking fats and food debris which had solidified and built up inside the drain at a connection point where another pipe joined the drain run.

Whilst the drain had not become completely blocked, the flow of water from the kitchen sinks had become very slow causing staff to raise the alert.

Once the blocked drain had been cleared the Drain Doctor Southampton technician inspected the drain network using CCTV cameras to survey the drain.

Images revealed that there were small cracks to the pipes in the area of the blockage which would need further treatment and the school duly booked an appointment to repair the drain.

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