By Mr. D.J. - Southampton on 26/08/2016

“When our drains were blocked we didn’t hesitate to call Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage. Their service is always excellent – prompt, professional and great value for money”.

Mr. D-J. – Hotel Manager – Southampton

The Drain Doctor Southampton office was recently contacted by Mr. D-J., Premises Manager at a local hotel who have called on our services for a number of plumbing and drainage problems.

On this occasion the problem reported was a persistently blocked drain which was emitting unpleasant smells and affecting business.

On arrival at the property, the Drain Doctor Southampton technician accessed the drain run and inserted a push-rod CCTV camera to inspect the condition of the drain pipes.

The problem with the flow was located to an external manhole chamber towards the boundary of the property. Due to the confined nature of the manhole, specialist equipment was required to enter the chamber.

Our technicians entered the chamber and removed an internal access cover which had fallen in and was causing the blockage to the drainage channels.

Once the access cover had been removed the drain run was jetted clean using high-pressure water jets and the capacity of the drain was restored to full flow.

The value of returning customers to our business is never underestimated. At Drain Doctor Southampton we strive to give 100% customer satisfaction and depend on recommendations to maintain our position as the premier emergency plumbing and drainage provider in the Southampton area.

For commercial customers, we offer a comprehensive range of Preventative Maintenance Plans, designed to ensure plumbing and drainage problems don't develop and affect business operations.

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