By Mr. B. - Eastleigh on 09/08/2016

“The service we received from Drain Doctor Southampton Plumbing and Drainage was impeccable. Thank you for sorting our blocked drain so quickly.”

Mr. B. – Director – Eastleigh

Our technicians recently treated a blocked drain in the Eastleigh area of Southampton. The client contacted the Drain Doctor Southampton office reporting foul smells from the open drain covers and slow running water from sinks and hand basins inside the premises.

At Drain Doctor Southampton we are proud to be able to treat the majority of blocked drains in under an hour. Our high-pressure water jets make light work of most blockages and this job was no exception.

Technicians arrived at the Eastleigh property and quickly established the location of the blockage. The drain run was jetted from beyond this area to ensure that the extra volume of water did not flood back up to the property.

Once the blockage had been cleared, a thorough condition check of the drain run was carried out to ensure that the blockage had not been due to or had caused any damage to the pipework. In this case the drain run was found to be in good condition and the job was closed.

The unique [company] guarantee covers all our work for a minimum of 30 days, providing customers with reassurance and the peace of mind that should the problem re-occur we will return and work to resolve it.

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