By Catering business owner on 05/04/2016

“Thank you to the Drain Doctor technicians for unblocking the drain at our busy cafe. The advice given to us has saved us a considerable future expense and the service we received was excellent from start to finish.”

Catering business owner - Southampton

When we received a call from a catering business in Southampton reporting foul-smelling drains on their premises, our technicians were on site and inspecting the problem within 45 minutes. All staff at Drain Doctor Southampton are highly trained in a range of techniques used to clear blocked drains and repair them as appropriate. We were soon able to identify the problem and provide a detailed quote for sorting it out straight away.

Remote CCTV cameras were used to pinpoint the location and nature of the problem which could be traced back to a build up of coffee grounds from the coffee machines used on the premises.

Once the coffee grounds had been cleared, using high-pressure water jets, our technician checked the drains for any damage by using the CCTV camera again. He also recommended that measures were taken to improve drainage from the coffee machines and that the coffee grounds be disposed of in the general waste rather than through the drains.

At Drain Doctor Southampton we are renowned for our commitment to providing the highest standards of customer care, quality and professional service, making us the first port of call for businesses with drainage and plumbing problems. We also offer a range of preventative maintenance plans to commercial customers to ensure that their plumbing and drainage systems do not adversely affect their business.