We take a proactive approach to drainage by conducting a CCTV drain survey which allows us to see the exact condition of your drains. Using CCTV cameras on each drain utilising push rod / carrier system we meticulously carry out a full drain survey and inspection.  We then prepare a detailed report on your drainage system which allows you to make an informed decision when it comes to the work required. Rather than waiting for your drains to become blocked or cause a problem, a drain survey will save you time, money and any nasty surprises. It’s the best way to carry out a drain inspection as we can review detailed images along the whole system identifying problems at specific locations which can then be resolved by pinpointing the work required. This also reduces the amount of digging above ground which saves time and minimises disruption. We offer drainage surveys on all domestic and commercial systems. Utilising the latest CCTV equipment, from a single ‘look-see’ survey to a full-colour site report we offer varying levels of drain survey.  

Our CCTV drain surveys are carried out by experienced engineers that compile a full-colour inspection report. The drain survey is very detailed consisting of 16-18 pages complete with downloadable files, photos and an easy to understand traffic light system; ‘red’ signifying urgent work is needed, ‘amber’ advises preventative measures, and ‘green’ confirms the system is working correctly with no work required. We also offer Homebuyers’ CCTV drainage surveys. This 8-9 page report gives detailed insight into the condition of the drains in your potential new home. This can save money and time in the long run and also gives you peace of mind. It may even allow some bargaining with the vendor should any significant works be required.

It is recommended you have regular CCTV drain surveys to check the condition of your drains and identify and resolve problems before they occur. That being said, any emergency drainage jobs we attend and unblock, we always carry out a drain inspection afterwards, this confirms the drain is fully cleared but also gives us an opportunity to indentify the cause of the problem at the same time as checking for any other potential issues that can be addressed before they become a problem. On many occasions your drains can be repaired without any excavations, using our ‘no-dig’ technologies. From problem to repair, your local plumbing and drainage experts at Drain Doctor Southampton can do it all.